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Born in Roseville, California to John and Monica, Madison Taylor fell smack dab in the middle of the Wiesler's three girls. Raised in towns across the Mid-West, Madison's family eventually settled in Green Bay, Wisconsin where she spent her childhood performing at Lambeau Field's Hall of Fame and singing karaoke at the Wood Lake Resort (as all children do?).


But the karaoke bars grew small, and Madison's dreams were big, so at the age of only 14, she became the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in a band touring around Wisconsin.  The band became her whole life, and she spent all the time she could practicing with her bandmates to become the best musician she could.


Madison realized she wanted more than what her small hometown could offer, so at the age of 18, she packed up her Keyboards and Guitars (and a ukelele too) and headed to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and music.


Performing came naturally to the California transplant, who has been singing and playing instruments, "Since she can remember." A self taught pianist, Madison writes and composes her own songs, but is quick to note she doesn't quite fall into the 'singer-songwritter' mold. "My music probably leans towards alternative-rock, but I like all genres, and I'm influenced by the sounds around me. I love rock, rap, and pop. .  . For me, music is just a way of life"

Three year's later, Madison's laid down roots and is ready to lay down tracks and share her love for music with the world.


Follow along with Madison Taylor's adventure's on her Social Media outlets: @MadTaylorMusic.

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